Keiki Cafe

Through Keiki Cafe, Kauai Independent Food Bank (KIFB) supports students’ academic enrichment after school, a time when many keiki go hungry. It has grown from one location in 2004 to ten in 2019. We partner with the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii, YWCA, Kama`aina Kids, and the Department of Education’s A+ Program. Every school day, we serve healthy snacks like fresh fruit, yogurt, and granola bars to over 800 keiki in eight communities across our island.

Our ultimate goal is not only to alleviate hunger, but to improve children’s health, maximize the impact of their education, and help families stabilize their budgets and save for the future. Through meeting our program objectives we can support our keiki in building a foundation for a healthy future, improving their health outcomes, and excelling academically. Our program objectives are:

  • Prevent hunger in afterschool hours
  • Strengthen academic achievement
  • Encourage healthy eating
  • Support children’s physical health: