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Donate FoodThe Kauai Independent Food Bank (KIFB) depends on the community for quality, non-perishable, healthy food items. The eight most wanted items include: pasta, tuna, peanut butter, canned soups, canned vegetables, rice, ensure/pediasure, and canned fruits.

The KIFB distributes about 30,000 lbs. of food each month to non-profit agencies and churches who then take this food out into the community. Your food will be distributed to needy children, frail elderly, the homeless, Kauai's soup kitchens, and others.

Your donations are accepted with the assurance that we will abide by the following conditions:
1. Your donated items will not be sold, transferred or bartered for money, other products or services.
2. Your donated products will be used only in a manner related to the exempt purpose of the recipient organizations.
3. Your donated product will only be distributed to organizations that have signed a disclaimer freeing you, the donor, from all responsibility.
4. Your donated product will be used as soon as possible to provide the greatest palatability and freshness.

Food drop-offs are accepted at our  food bank warehouse located at 3285 Waapa Road in Lihue,  Monday through Friday from 8am - 4pm  (except all State and Federal Holidays).

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